Lotus Elite Frame

I found an interesting frame on Craigslist the other weekend – a mid 80s, Lotus Elite, size 60cm (my size).  As I learned, this is the entry level Lotus but for the price I paid, I’m not worried about it.  It will be a good, fast around town beater and if it doesn’t fit right, I think it will sell quickly.

sweet head badge

Hsin Lung handlebar – what a mark of quality 😉

Lotus detail on the fork crown

VERY grimy but no dings and no real rust.  My plan is new saddle, new brake hoods, new cables, new brake pads, new chain, new bar tape.  I don’t have any 27″ wheels so this project has been shelved until I can procure a set.

Are you digging that Park PRS-20 workstand?  I’ll do a review of it later.


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