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eBay Find! My old Rock Lobster bike…

I used to own this bike!

Here is what it looked like when I owned it..

This is a steel lugged Rock Lobster from Paul Sadoff, made in approximately 1998 and custom built for another rider.  Paul is a extremely respected builder in Santa Cruz, CA that has been making frames for over 30 years.  He also sponsors a cyclocross team and their blog is pretty interesting.  Have a look…

I purchased this complete bike on eBay in 2008 and rode it for a few seasons around Duluth.  I decided it was just a hair too big for me so I stripped it and sold the frame on eBay in July of 2010.  Considering what I paid and what I sold it for and what parts I kept, I paid about $50 to ride a great and prestigieous custom made bike! That’s the beauty of being used.

I hope the current auction goes well and that the new owner will be satisfied.


Top 50 Bike Blogs

Next year, Bike Fixins…

Kashimax Saddle Blog

I can’t understand this blog because it’s written in Japanese but it’s published by everyone’s favorite keirin saddle manufacturer, Kashimax!

Pietro Piazzalunga, Mechanic to Champions

Very interesting interview!