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Back from Hiatus?

I’ve neglected the blog for a long time but I’ve had a couple interesting projects start and finish. I have a mid-80s Trek 400 for sale, I purchased the Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0 (I got an incredible deal on eBay) and also purchased a Park PRS-15 workstand (again, a great eBay deal). Yesterday, I got a Specialized Allez frame and plan to build it up with 105 components.

Also, thinking about moving this blog to Blogspot, just for ease of use.

So, lots going on and it should be blogged.


New Project? Schwinn Traveler

Asking around on Craigslist has yielded a 58cm 1989 Schwinn Traveler.

Quite the blanket on my couch, eh?

It’s steel, lugged, has downtube shifter posts and the frame is in pretty good condition – no bends or dings in the steel but scratches and scrapes on the paint.

This frame is bare so a lot of parts are needed – headset, bottom bracket, pretty much everything.  I might just keep it on hand until I can build up more parts.  It will make the perfect cheap knock around bike but I’m not going to put new parts into it.

The search for parts continues.  As least it’s not as bad as The Path of Death!



UCI Downhill World Champion Danny Hart


Congratulations Danny on earning your rainbow stripes!

One a related note, everyone’s favorite Park mechanic, Calvin Jones, kept a great journal during his time at Word’s in Chambery Switzerland.  Check it out!

When you wrote the book, you can wear socks and sandals.


From one of my favorite websites, The Acid Sweat Lodge.

Ebay Find

Absurdity is when a quill stem reaches the level of mortgage payment.

Update 8/14/11 – Final Price was $776.

14bikeco Polo Bike V3

I have never played bike polo but this bike makes me want to try.  Damn…

Let’s get it going

This blog will be about bikes, bicycle repair, bicycle tool reviews, bicycle culture and will feature links to other awesome things.

My goal is to turn bicycle repair into a profitable hobby so that one day I can dedicate more of my time and life to what I love…and to buy more awesome tools.

Let’s get going!