80’s Bianchi Brava Project Complete

The 80’s Bianchi Brava is complete and it came out great!

Excuse the bad pictures, there is literally a swarm of tiny mosquitoes in the backyard.

I gave it a quick ride around the neighborhood and it is smooth and quiet.  Light weight, shifts quickly, brakes like an 80s bike with single pivot brakes.  I would consider upgrading the brakes to modern dual pivot brakes as time goes on.  Not that these brakes are unsafe but it’s comparable to drum brakes vs. disc brakes on a car.

Vital Specs:
– 55cm frame for riders 5’4″ to 5’8″, standover height is 31.5″.
– 12 speed, downtube friction shifters
– Standard pedals with toe clips
– Woman’s gel saddle

I’m going to release it to Facebook first and then on Craigslist after a few days.


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80’s Bianchi Brava Project Update

I’m almost finished with the Bianchi Brava project.   I bought this bike at a garage sale for a reasonable price and have put some quality parts and time in to bring it back to a useable condition.

Updates so far…
– Newer Maxxis Re-Fuse 700x23c tires, newer tubes – very low miles on tires
– Installed NOS Miche brake levers – check that non-aero, retro style!
– Installed NOS Miche brake cables and housings
– Front and rear derailleur adjustments
– Rear brake adjustment

It now just needs new bar tape, front brake adjustment, a coat of Pedro’s Bike Lust Polish, fresh air in the tires, some Rock N Roll  Gold Lube  on the chain and it will be ready for market.

This will be a solid bike for someone looking to get into cycling or looking for a quality commuter.  Very sturdy frame and components including friction downtube shifters.  There are some small pits of rust on the paint but it won’t affect the strength of the frame – the seatpost and stem have been greased and the inside of the frame looks great.  It could be sandblasted and repainted but at this point, it’s probably better just to ride it into the ground or commute and lock it up without worrying about the paint.

A piece of Italy in Duluth, MN.

Columbus tubing! Even though it’s lower grade, it’s still Columbus.

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I can’t understand this blog because it’s written in Japanese but it’s published by everyone’s favorite keirin saddle manufacturer, Kashimax!

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A great video to start off the week.


From one of my favorite websites, The Acid Sweat Lodge.

Tool Review / Pedro’s Equalizer 15mm Pedal Wrench

My current pedal wrench just never worked quite right. It was an oddly designed multi-purpose too that was short, the 15mm spacing wasn’t well machined and it just lacked that certain undefinable quality feel that great tools should have. Solution – Pedro’s Equalizer Pro Pedal Wrench!

This tool is great. It feels very sturdy, has a good heft to it but is well balanced. The round, rubber grip handle is soft and comfy and if it ever wears out, a nice white (yes, white) Oury grip could be the replacement. The wrench has a long length for good leverage and the machining of the 15mm gap is precise. The opening of the gap is also beveled so as not to scuff or scratch (pretty sure the Park PW-4 does not have bevels)

This is my first Pedro’s tool (besides their near perfect tire levers) and I am very impressed.

Pros –
Well made, well machined
Round handle, comfy rubber grip
I will never have to buy another pedal wrench, ever
Could be used to whack fools

Cons –
Too awesome?

New vs. Old